Do you struggle with fear, doubt and uncertainty when it comes to your life and business?

This post will give you the COURAGE to overcome your fear and step into your greatness!

Many people think that successful people and top earners do not have fear or uncertainties.  They think that they have never doubted themselves or had mindset issues or personal setbacks.  When the truth of the matter is, successful people put in the work DESPITE their own personal fears and doubts.

I want you to think about that word for a moment.  DESPITE.  And really start to own it. Because you are going to have days when you want to quit.  You are going to have weeks, or even months filled with personal doubt and anguish over what people are going to think, what your family will say because you are crazy enough to actually pursue your dreams, or what people are going to think of you as you put yourself out there on social media. It is inevitable – all of those things are going to happen.  They key to overcoming them though, is to keep moving forward and pursuing your goals DESPITE.

Despite the resistance, despite the fear, despite the uncertainty….you keep moving forward to what your heart really, truly desires because you know deep down, that you are capable of so much more.

When fear and doubt enters your mind, recognize that it is only the fear talking which is, simply put: False Evidence Appearing Real.  Those thoughts are not real.  It is simply your ego talking, and your ego wants you to stay cozy and safe and not try anything that is going to push you out of your comfort zone, which is where the real growth occurs.  Our ego is all about survival and when we live only in our ego, we cannot develop into the full expression of who we really are.

So the trick is, when a thought enters your mind that does not serve you, to replace it with a thought that empowers you.  When a fear-based thought enters our mind and is left unattended, a thought like it matches it, and then another thought, and so on and so forth, and it increases momentum and before you know it you are in full-blown panic mode of what could happen before it even does.  So the trick is to catch the thought in it’s onset, and replace it with a thought that serves you.

Simple empowering affirmations that begin with I AM are fantastic examples of empowering thoughts.  “I AM productive and successful.  I AM a magnet for wealth” etc, etc…will help you stand in your power and replace those thoughts with thoughts that serve you.

In addition to that, when you are staring out the window thinking “woe is me” type of thoughts, action mode will help take your mind off of things and produce more of what you want.  When you are in full-force action mode, and have a task you are working on that will better yourself and your business, you don’t have much time for those fears to do the talking.  So dig into a project, remember how great you are, and busy yourself in something great that will produce the results that you want!

Successful people feel the fear and do it anyway.  If I would have listened to my fears, I would have gone running back to a job that I hated, would be away from my precious girls all day, and be living a completely lusterless, unfulfilled life.

Continue on your journey and towards everything that you want DESPITE.  You are worth it!

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To your success!

~ Tandi






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