Do you struggle with a lack of consistency in your business?  You’re super motivated to get things done one day, but when the next day comes….life takes over and nothing happens?

Lack of consistency = lack of results.  It truly is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out, that lead up to the big results.  So if you’re business isn’t where you want it to be, it’s time to dissect what is happening on a daily basis to see what you can tweak and improve, to achieve the results you are looking for.  And if you are struggling each day to get motivated, I have one huge tip when it comes to achieving success.

My #1 ingredient?  Having a vision.  Because here’s the thing: you are going to have so many crappy, not fun things that you have to do each day to achieve your dream.  Sometimes, you don’t want to learn a new marketing strategy.  Sometimes, the techy stuff is about enough to kill you.  (Trust me on this one..;) Sometimes, you don’t want to connect with people AT ALL.

But.  When you are focused on your vision, and have a life that you are connected to that is so compelling and inspiring, your vision then pulls you toward it and doing the daily tasks to achieve it becomes less and less taxing.

Those with a vision move forward in darkness.  You don’t always know what the next step is.  But you are so focused on your vision, that you continue to move forward anyway.

When I started my home business, I didn’t know how to build a following.  I didn’t know ANY marketing strategies.  But what I did know, was the vision of what I wanted.  That is what pulled me through all of the things I *didn’t* want to do every single day.

When you focus on your why, the how gets developed.

Get crystal clear on your vision.  Create a vision board with everything that you want to achieve this year.  And spend some time focusing on that vision both morning and night.  Put in some earbuds with a song that invigorates you and feel, in every cell of your body, that what you want is already here.  Become that person who can easily achieve everything that is front of you.

We create our best version of ourselves by using repetition, conditioning, and memorization.  Become that person NOW.

When you do this, you should leave the room a different person.  New neural connections, a new way of thinking, new physiology, and new high frequency emotions will leave you in a new state of being.

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Make 2017 your very best!

Lots of love,

~ Tandi





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