Attraction Marketing is the act of attracting interested buyers and prospects to you instead of you doing the chasing and pitching.

And is a much more classy, effective way to market.

Have you ever been involved in a business where they encouraged you to make a list of 100 of your family and friends?  Possibly drag them to a meeting?  Contact them on Facebook about your new amazing products?  I have done that a couple of times in the past and it just wasn’t me.  I loved the business model of network marketing and always thought if I could figure out a way to build my business without bothering my family and friends, I would be all over it.

And over this past year, I found the golden ticket.  It is the art of Attraction Marketing.

So what is this beautiful form of advertising, you say?  How do you attract interested buyers and prospects to you?  It’s simple, really.  The secret is branding YOU, not your company,  positioning yourself as a leader and adding value to the marketplace.  People buy from and join people, not companies.  People also want to join leaders; someone they feel can help them build an incredibly strong business.  People join leaders they know, like and trust and leaders accomplish this buy putting amazing content into the marketplace and establishing rapport.  You also need to supply so much value for them that they WANT to buy from YOU in your business.  See the difference?  Position yourself as an authority, teach what you are learning, and watch people start asking you about your business.

You also need to identify your target market and what they want.  What do they want to learn more about?  Find their biggest problem and set out to solve that problem.  Provide solutions for their problems daily, and this will establish rapport and trust – and your audience will love you for it!

Don’t think you have anything to share that is of value?  Oh but you do!  If you are investing in yourself and your skill sets, you have value to share. When you learn something new, share it.  The secret to coming out with valuable content is to never stop investing in yourself and never stop learning.  Besides, the best thing about building a business is not just what kind of business you create, but who you become in the process.  That is the most important thing!  So become the best version of you and share how you are doing just that.

In today’s Vlog, I explain Attraction Marketing in detail:

The fastest way to brand yourself, position yourself as a leader and attract people to you is by leveraging a marketing system.  This is the fastest way to generate leads, build your list, and make more sales.  The attraction marketing platform I recommend can be found HERE.

Become a pro at attraction marketing, and watch your business soar!

See you at the top,

~ Tandi




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