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I’m Tandi Davis, stay at home mom of 2, attraction marketing coach, and online entrepreneurtandi davis.

After staying at home with my girls since they were babies (8 years), I was forced to go back to the workplace. I begrudgingly took the steps needed to better myself and my education in order to have a great career as a dental hygienist.

As I continued with my class load and entered back into the work force, my inner voice continued to tug at me that I was on the wrong path. I absolutely loved and cherished being able to stay at home with my girls and knew I was betraying myself and what I really wanted by going back to work full time.

After hitting a wall and having a MAJOR wake up call, I began looking within and decided to listen to what my inner voice had been telling me all along… which was to pursue a life and career that I was completely passionate about.

I was courageous enough to do just that, and now get to stay at home with my girls every day and not miss a beat in their lives. I am there for every school event, can volunteer whenever I want to, and get to enjoy them just as I did before….all the while creating an amazing income and helping others do the same.

One of my passions is to help people discover their own inner power, and to to help them have the courage to live a life filled with passion and purpose. I have been mentoring people from all walks of life for the past 16 months and would love to help you discover your own “alpha within” and find success online!

I have found that the key to finding online success comes down to learning incredible attraction marketing skills and creating a strong personal brand. This is so key in getting the results that you want!

Are you truly ready to make a dramatic shift in your life? I am here to be YOUR mentor and help guide you as you create a life completely on your terms.

I believe in you!

~ Tandi

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